Childhood Indulgences

Whoever invented lolly shops really has an awful lot to answer for.

Whilst my parents were staying with us, we took a touristy stroll through the main part of Windsor, NSW.
According to Wikipedia, Windsor is situated about 56km north-west of Sydney. From me, its about 35 minute drive down the mountain and to the Hawkesbury river.

It’s the third oldest place of British settlement in Australia, so you can imagine how much history this small town holds. We have lived out here in the Hawkesbury region for a couple of years now, but we’ve never actually taken any time to sight see. It’s one of those things you take for granted, isn’t it.

Anyways, I only had my iPhone for a camera that day so I didn’t really take many photos however I did take a picture of this lovely old water wheel that sits in the middle of the town centre.


windsor 2

windsor 1
Of course, in Windsor is this lovely little lolly shop, called The Shop of Lollies. I dont think any small, historic town would be complete without such a shop, am I right?
My inner 7-year-old-eyes bugged out of my head and begged me to take it inside. And then the 34-year-old me promptly went lolly crazy!

Sadly, they didnt have everything in there. The 7 -year-old, however, was satiated.

windsor 3

lolly haul

lollies lollies 6

lollies 5lollies 4

lollies 3 lollies 2






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