The Happy New Year

Of course it’s happy. It’s only 4 days old! Give it at least a month or two before the bitching begins.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Ours was quiet as we spent it at home this year. We stuck to our ‘at home Christmas’ tradition of seafood and Pavlova.
Actually, I have a pic of said Pavlova here somewhere…

Christmas Pav 2

Christmas Pav

Did I make the shell myself? Of course not. I am not suicidal.
God bless Woolworths for bringing out Pavlova shells for sale every Christmas. Best invention ever.

I remember when I was a child, my mother always had that one and only friend that could make Pavlova from scratch. She would be invited to all the potluck dinners and get togethers, because she had the skills and who doesn’t want Pavlova to make an appearance at their dinner party??

Back then you either made everything from scratch, or you bought the ever legendary Pavlova Egg (which I heard didn’t actually make Pavlova making that much easier).

So yes, that was the highlight of our Christmas feasting, along with the huge Snapper we barbecued.

Now beginneth the commencement of healthy eating, for the next six months at least. Hopefully I will have some tasty, healthy recipes to share!

Happy New Year!

christmas dogs 2012


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