It’s Christmas Again…Already!

I am a bad blogging mother.
I have neglected this here blog for months. And months. In fact, I had pretty much forgotten all about it.
Until in recent days I had a couple of new followers and I was like…  O.o   ooooooh!

I have had a wonderful year, busy, but wonderful. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.
I got a fish in March, and got my first car ever (yes…ever…I’m a late bloomer >.>) in April. We got married in July and did three trips around the wedding to Brisbane and back (was it three? I’m sure it was) and a trip to Canberra. I started my own business in September (so we now have one each) and it’s just been busy, busy, BUSY for so long.
I finally have some downtime and lo and behold, just in time for Christmas – yaaaaaaay!

Anyways, as a welcome back to me, LOL, I am going to post up my first Christmas craft for this year.

I decided to buy new decorations for our tree, for the first time in years and thought what better way to recycle/upcycle the old ones, by making a wreath out of them. I needed a new wreath (I discovered I had thrown the old one out last year) and all the ones in the shops were bodgy; too shiny and terribly made.

Upcycled Christmas Wreath

You will need:

Some wire – try fencing wire. A coat hanger will work if you can get it mold easily for you (or borrow a man for this job)
Some tape – electrical tape works great but you could get fancy and use a printed tape if you like
Old (or new) Christmas ornaments – baubles, tinsel, anything
An old Christmas tree – the mini ones work great for this
Fishing line or something else with which to tie on your decorations with

Start Here:


Using your wire, fashion it into some semblance of a circle.
Hint: if you make a passing comment within earshot of your husband about how you need some wire for a wreath, he may do like mine did and run down to his man cave and whip something up for you!
Just make sure you tell him how big you would like it otherwise you will end up with something like I did…


Next, trim the branches from your old tree/s – I had two mini table trees collecting dust and whatnot.
One was tinsel and the other was tree-ish.


Using pliers or something to make bending easier on your poor fingers (believe me, I did this without and the tips hurt for two days after!),.
Affix the branch pieces to your ring, curling one end around the ring itself.




Now you should have something that looks like this ^

I had some green tinsel that was wired (came as a bonus with some of the new decorations I bought).
I snipped it up into pieces and did the same thing with it, attaching it to the ring.
You could use ordinary tinsel and simply tie it on, it will fill in any holes you may have.


Next, gather up your supplies and put them together so you can take a random shot of them all relaxing on your table.


Commence the decorations!


 I used this old piece of tinsel rope thing and at this point I was almost content to leave the wreath just like that.

But no. Less is never more for me.


Final Result!

I had some wired kind of tinselly stuff with little stars on it, and I cut it up to attached the baubles and the rest to the wreath. It worked perfectly and was much less hassle than I assume fishing wire would be.
I used a plastic tie (you know, the ones they use instead of handcuffs these days (in movies and tv shows) to hang it on the door with, its hidden under all the crap at the top there.

I think it came out okay?

My husband loves it, though his excitement level may have been feigned…I can’t always tell.
Either way, it’s staying for now 😀


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