Kina | 36 | Sydney, Australia

Hubby: Eric
Babies: Atlas, Oscar, Ace & Shaman (R.I.P) (all furry) + Mister Macfishinald (my fish!)
Fave Food: Sushi & Coffee
Fave Music: Rock/Metal/Punk/Alternative/Anything Loud
Loves: Cars, Art, Music, Animals, Writing, Cooking

Hallo! Welcome to my little space on the interwebs.

This is a blog purely made to capture my creative moments, when I have them. I say when because sometimes it’s constant and other times it’s simply non-existent.
When it comes to creativity, I’m pretty much a jack of all trades and not really fantastic at any of them, but I enjoy trying and sharing my ideas with others.

This blog will cover everything from art to photography to cooking to whining to quilting, and I’m open to any comments, suggestions, ideas and of course, the making of new friends.
So don’t be shy. If you see something you like, say so! And if not, say so nicely XD


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