Bubble Quilty Cushion Thing

My newest niece was born on the 9th of June and being the prepared Aunt that I am, I had already started a gift for her in February….but was it finished? No.
That’s just how I roll.

Anyway, my parents came down to stay with us on the very same day and I got to show Mum the half finished project before putting my ass into gear and actually finishing it – nothing like having a deadline come and go to get your motivation running >.>

So I made her this lovely bubble quilt – seems small, but it’s quite practical.

I followed this tutorial by Skyler at AwaitingAda – it’s super easy, very detailed and just all round awesome.

Cassandra's Quilty Cushion


I kinda cheated with the ruffled edge – I had some light purple ruffled ribbon that I had bought for a previous project and didn’t end up  using. It made life easier (I’ve never sewn ruffles before) but that’s not to say that I shouldn’t have (or wouldn’t) tried to make the ruffles – the lady who wrote the tutorial also has an accompanying tutorial for the ruffle and it seems quite simple.



Cassandra's Quilty Cushion 2

I have a huge sheet of this gorgeous rainbow striped material that I finally found a use for!
You could use something minky/soft for the back, but I figured that my niece will be sitting/lying on the top of this and therefore a soft back would be pointless.

All in all, not a bad job…?


My Quilting Adventures

As mentioned in the last post, I made a quilt for my 18yr old stepdaughter, for Christmas this year. This is the third quilt I have made and I think it came pretty awesomely.

Last year, in November 2012, we took a trip to Canberra and saw my Grandparents – my Mama & Papa.
Mama is a super awesome quilting hero, and when I say super awesome, I really mean super awesome. One of my aunties published a book featuring all of the quilts that Mama had made, and its seriously jam-packed.
When we visited, Mama let me choose from a range of her quilts, one that I could keep and take home – and it was so damn hard to decide!
In the end, I chose this one below:

Mamas 'Indians'

I cant remember what she named it – she always names them something tongue in cheek. This one I believe she made back in the early 80’s, I think 1983? I love that it smells of her. And I love that she let me have this one.

She also let me choose a smaller one, these are about the size of a pillowcase, a little bit bigger than that:

Mamas 'Sand Witches'

This one is called Chicken Sand Witch or something hilarious like that LOL
So clever ❤

Anyway, after that visit with them I was inspired to try quilting for myself. My middle name is my Mama’s first name and I am the eldest of all of her grandchildren, so it just seemed right that I take on the task of becoming the next quilter, yeah?

The first quilt I made, I started in December 2012 – a denim quilt. I made this based on the tutorial here. The only modifications I made, was that I didn’t make it a double sided denim quilt and I actually attached the denim layer to batting and a backing.

When it comes to quilting, I’m a huge fan of reusing material ie recycling clothing, bedding, etc – because its the traditional thing to do and really the whole reason that quilting started in the first place!
I collected up a bunch of old denim jeans that myself and my husband had, and then I took a trip down to the Salvos and spent a whole $28 on second hand denim clothing! Then I cut it all up and the quilting began 😀



denim3 denim5

Remember, this was my first ever quilt. My seams were…in all directions and when it came to cutting I was very ‘oh, she’ll be right mate’ >.>


Trying to piece things together when you have dogs, always becomes a family affair. I took it as a good sign – Quilt Approved by Staffies!


Please note: When you wash the denim in order to get the frayed edges, IT WILL MAKE A MESS. I was picking bits of denim out of my general washing for the next couple of weeks.
Once that was done, I basted it to some batting and I used an old doona cover (the back of) for the backing piece. It matched perfectly.


I didn’t hand stitch the entire quilt like my Mama does, but I did hand stitch all of the little stitchy parts you see here.


See the backing? Lovely!


The finished product.
It’s so warm..it’s quite heavy, but its nice. Really nice. And a super simple idea that looks seriously amazing.

My second quilt, I made for my husband – he wanted something snuggly and warm for winter, so I decided to chop up his old clothes and make a great big mess of a quilt.
I didn’t hand stitch any of this (because he didn’t want to wait LOL) so it was done entirely on the machine.
I used t-shirts, chinos, jumpers, pjs and boxer shorts!

Note to self: Triangles are HARD.

bigs quilt1

Atlas Approved.

bigs quilt2

Yes, I put it on the floor JUST FOR YOU GUYS


The finished product!

Eric loves it. Which is all that matters. It’s very…manly. And stuff.

And now, to the quilt I made for my stepdaughter…


I just realised..it looks unfinished on that side over there LOL don’t look at it! Hmmm…not sure what I was (or wasn’t) thinking…
Anyways! Her fave colours are purple, lime and that blue..I personally love it. I am finding it very hard to part with. And I’m hoping like hell that she likes it!



I used the Disappearing 9-Patch thing and then made it disappear a second time…I don’t know how else to explain how I did it.
None of the material used was recycled..which went against what I wanted to do but that’s okay.

I machine pieced it together and of course hand stitched the stitchy bits.

Fingers crossed she has a smile on her face when she opens it on Christmas Day!