Bubble Quilty Cushion Thing

My newest niece was born on the 9th of June and being the prepared Aunt that I am, I had already started a gift for her in February….but was it finished? No.
That’s just how I roll.

Anyway, my parents came down to stay with us on the very same day and I got to show Mum the half finished project before putting my ass into gear and actually finishing it – nothing like having a deadline come and go to get your motivation running >.>

So I made her this lovely bubble quilt – seems small, but it’s quite practical.

I followed this tutorial by Skyler at AwaitingAda – it’s super easy, very detailed and just all round awesome.

Cassandra's Quilty Cushion


I kinda cheated with the ruffled edge – I had some light purple ruffled ribbon that I had bought for a previous project and didn’t end up  using. It made life easier (I’ve never sewn ruffles before) but that’s not to say that I shouldn’t have (or wouldn’t) tried to make the ruffles – the lady who wrote the tutorial also has an accompanying tutorial for the ruffle and it seems quite simple.



Cassandra's Quilty Cushion 2

I have a huge sheet of this gorgeous rainbow striped material that I finally found a use for!
You could use something minky/soft for the back, but I figured that my niece will be sitting/lying on the top of this and therefore a soft back would be pointless.

All in all, not a bad job…?


Sewing..sewing and more sewing..

My latest craze is sewing. Anything.
I am trying to sew things I can use or things for others, but it’s hard. Why must Pinterest be so damn full of useless/unachievable ideas?

As far as sewing goes, my experience (up until now) has ranged from the projects I completed in Textiles (Home Ec.) in Highschool (and let’s face it, without a genius sewing mother I would have failed) to the horridly hemmed kitchen & laundry curtains and finally to the three quilts I have made.

I decided I wanted to make dolls. I collect Monster High dolls (yes, I really do – I have over 30 or 40 and I even paid $140 for a super rare first edition Lagoona Blue >.>) so I thought maybe I could make some super cool, goth-like fabric dolls and dress them all awesome and stuff….

dolls twoThat one was going great until I pricked my finger so hard I bled all over the back of it. For my next attempt, I decided to go bigger and to just work on straight, standing dolls…

dolls oneAnd that’s about as far as I have gotten LOL
The torso got hard and horrible and I hate to say it but at this point, I’ve given up. I will revisit it at a later date. Maybe.

In February, I was playing around with felt things – felt food is amazing! I wish had children. They would be suffocating in felt awesomeness. Doughnuts are easy and look so real, but everything else……..not so much.

felt foods

felt foods twoI have a TON of links on my Pinterest for felt food & patterns, in case you are looking…
I’ve decided to make a whole crap load of doughnuts just because. I’m also using one as a pin cushion.

Having material leftover from quilting, I decided to foray into the world that is the Happy Sewer; and it’s addictive.
I started with a fabric box thing, which I totally did out of my head and had no real idea what I was doing…..

fabric boxThis was made using an old pillow case and doona cover. I inserted cardboard into the bottom piece (which made for awful awkward sewing) and hey, it’s pretty rough. But I found a use for it so yay!
I then decided I would sew something for my nephews 5th Birthday gift (which I then stuffed FULL of Batman things wrapped in Batman paper). I actually followed a pattern and the result was much better (you can find the pattern here).
I am so (sew) proud of how these came out, honestly there is not a flawless stitch in that bag. The pencil case I did from my head so it’s probably best that we don’t talk about that any further.

Lucas' Bag and pencil case Lucas' BagDoes he like it? I have no idea. If I go by the silence from his parents, perhaps not. Maybe they are so astounded by my awesomeness that they just can’t bring themselves to speak to me. You know, it’s happened before.
(Part of me wishes I had kept it because I LOVE Batman. Hrrrmph.)

Bags are addictive. You have been warned.
After making that I was like, ‘Oh I got this, let’s run before we can walk!’ I took my husband on a rather large shopping trip (so that when the cashier rang up the register I could bat my lashes at him and have him pay for it) to Spotlight where I felt like a kid in a candy store. I used to hate going to Lincraft with my mum when I was a kid, it was sooooooooooooooo boring. But now? UNGH. I want at least two of everything, thanks!
I bought a heap of fat quarters because I thought it would be best to play it safe to begin with. Also because I had no real agenda, material-wise – I wasnt about to just buy metres of stuff I wouldnt use.

I decided to make myself a messenger bag because hello, AWESOME.

mess bag 2

mess bag mess bag 3Using fat quarters for this was a mistake. I had to add and chop and do all sorts of strange witchcraft to get it to work. You can find the tutorial for this here, it can easily fit a laptop  along with other stuff inside.
I then found this fabulous tutorial and made these:

skully bag oneI had bought some cool skully/cobweb material last year, planning to make myself a quilt but I decided I would use it for cool stuff like this!

skully bag twoThe first one I made to spec – it’s really small, but cute so that’s okay. The second one, I added 3-5 inches onto the original measurements and (somehow) changed that black bit at the top so it was smaller (and totes planned >.> ) and it’s the perfect size. I really love these 😀

This weekend I will probably make more bags. Or attempt one of the many other tutorials I have pinned haha

-goes to check mailbox for sewing goodies from Ebay- Weeeeeee!