Bubble Quilty Cushion Thing

My newest niece was born on the 9th of June and being the prepared Aunt that I am, I had already started a gift for her in February….but was it finished? No.
That’s just how I roll.

Anyway, my parents came down to stay with us on the very same day and I got to show Mum the half finished project before putting my ass into gear and actually finishing it – nothing like having a deadline come and go to get your motivation running >.>

So I made her this lovely bubble quilt – seems small, but it’s quite practical.

I followed this tutorial by Skyler at AwaitingAda – it’s super easy, very detailed and just all round awesome.

Cassandra's Quilty Cushion


I kinda cheated with the ruffled edge – I had some light purple ruffled ribbon that I had bought for a previous project and didn’t end up  using. It made life easier (I’ve never sewn ruffles before) but that’s not to say that I shouldn’t have (or wouldn’t) tried to make the ruffles – the lady who wrote the tutorial also has an accompanying tutorial for the ruffle and it seems quite simple.



Cassandra's Quilty Cushion 2

I have a huge sheet of this gorgeous rainbow striped material that I finally found a use for!
You could use something minky/soft for the back, but I figured that my niece will be sitting/lying on the top of this and therefore a soft back would be pointless.

All in all, not a bad job…?